Waste Management

Waste Management History
PA-jer Company’s primary goal since inception has always been to provide regulatory solutions for industries. When PA-jer Company started we did not envision providing waste management services. Our goal was to provide solutions through consulting. However we found out many of our clients were frustrated with their current Waste Management provider and wanted a one stop solution for all their environmental needs. This caused us to examine and provide a solution for our clients.

Waste Management Process
Waste Management is not as simple as calling a company to pick up your chemical waste. There are many steps involved to assure continued compliance with federal, state and local regulations. PA-jer Company with our background in consulting can assist with all steps or with those steps your company needs assistance with.

We will breakdown each step in the process, for your convenience, so you can let us know where we can assist you better.

Steps in Waste Management

  • Audit facility to determine type of generator(CESQG, SQG, or LQG) and possible waste streams
    • Determine types of waste streams and what may be in the waste stream
    • If process knowledge can not determine what the waste is, then what analytical is needed?
      • Provide technicians, sampling kits, chain of custody, delivery to NELAP certified lab. (7-14 business days for analytical results)
    • Submit to TCEQ/EPA Core Data Form, update Notice of Registration, apply for one time shipping request, or if this is a CESQG select appropriate form code
  • Determine appropriate disposal method and cost analysis
    • Incineration, fuels blending, neutralization, solidification, landfill, waste water, or regular trash.
  • Once determined, profile waste to appropriate disposal facility.
    • Depending on the type of material, hazardous or non hazardous, the time with this may change. (24 hours to 14 days)
  • Schedule shipment (24 hours to 10 business days)
  • Create all shipping documents (Land Disposal Restriction forms, manifest, labels, work orders, etc.)
  • Pickup waste
  • Deliver waste to permitted disposal facility
  • Generator second copy of manifest must be returned to generator within 45 days of shipment.

We also recommend that all generators audit the receiving  facility or facilities they are using to ensure their waste is being handle in a correct manner; the disposal facility isn’t in violation; and, to understand how your waste is being handled from start to finish.

PA-jer Company looks forward to assisting you with all your waste management needs.