Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting takes on a lot of facets!  We at PA-jer Company have specialized in waste management, transportation, sampling, water and waste water, and storm water specifically in the Texas arena. Our broad consulting expertise has allows PA-jer Company to assist generators in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.  PA-jer Company consulting services Fortune 500 Large Quantity Generators (LQG’s) designated companies and have included oil industry, refinery, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, heavy manufacturing, electronics and aviation disciplines, along Small Quantity Generators (SQG’s) and Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQG’s).  Pa-jer Company consulting services can be outlined to meet the specific needs and level required by the client.

Waste management consulting takes the generator from waste creation identification through final USEPA regulated Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) facility selection.  Regulatory identification consulting is a two part process under the USEPA/TCEQ regulatory process: (1) Process knowledge, or (2) analytical.  Most facilities can use process knowledge to identify their waste generation activities. Analytical typically occurs when an ‘unknown’ chemical is located or when trying to determine the USEPA characteristic (D-Code) Maximum Concentration Limit (MCL) values of a chemical substance.

Identification consulting then leads to disposal profiling and TSD selection consulting.   This process also begins the determination of disposal method.  Disposal methods can be landfill (solid or solidification),  fuels blending, incineration, deep well injection (limitations), and bio remediation/framing.  Some USEPA hazardous disposal is pre determined by regulations and not all above listed options are available to a given situation.   Profile waste applications are sent to the selected TSD facility for approval.  Once profile approval has given for disposal, transportation consulting is determined.

Transportation consulting can be multi optional.   PA-jer Company provides transportation services for non-bulk transport (drums and cubic yard containers) and third party contract services for bulk liquid (tankers) and solid disposal (roll-offs and dump trucks).  Whatever transport mode is selected to transport hazardous waste the transporter must have a USDOT Hazardous Materials Registration Certification, a USEPA Identification Number (ID) and a five digit Texas Transporter ID Number when based in Texas.  Generator’s who transport hazardous substances that require a transporter to placard their waste also must have a USDOT Hazardous Material Registration Certification Number.  USDOT regulations require the generator to provide required placards to the transporter.  PA-jer Company relieves the generator by providing the manifest for our clients.

Waste manifest consulting services are provided by PA-jer Company with preparation of the USEPA Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest (EPA Form 8700-22 Rev 3-05), aka manifest, required for all hazardous waste and TCEQ Class 1 waste.  PA-jer Company’s consulting services typically prepares all manifest for our clients and PA-jer Company provides all the necessary USDOT markings and labels required for the designated containers that are being transported.  PA-jer Company consulting services also include preparation of the waste containers by making sure the proper labels and markings have been placed correctly on the shipping containers along with appropriate TSD profile numbers identifying the waste approval number.  PA-jer Company personnel will make sure the all generator’s waste containers have been properly segregated, secured, and placarded in accordance with USDOT regulations on the transport vehicle prior to the transporter leaving the generator’s facility.  USEPA regulations require the TSD facility to send the Generator’s “Designated Facility to Generator” copy of the manifest within forty-five days of receiving the waste indicating the generator’s waste has been delivered by the transporter and signifying the number of container’s shipped were delivered by the transporter.

Sampling consulting services are required when ‘unknown’ waste is encountered, to meet waste water discharge permit requirements and to meet storm water discharge permit requirements. PA-jer Company’s consulting personnel are trained to meet all US departments of Labor (OSHA) training requirements to conduct hazardous material sampling.  Personnel training also includes requisite knowledge of USEPA regulations sampling as noted in 40 CFR 261 Appendix I regulations.  Insure regulatory compliance with USEPA 40 CFR Appendix II Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedures (TCLP), and USEPA Appendix III Chemical Analysis test Methods are adhered too.  PA-jer Company consulting services uses a third party NELAC laboratory for all sample analysis and we adhere to the lab’s QA/QC policy to insure all client samples are regulatory compliant.

PA-jer Company consulting services include storm water permitting and sampling activities.   Storm water regulations are either USEPA regulated under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations.  Or, as in the case of Texas, Texas has authority to regulate storm water activities under a USEPA General Discharge Permit number TX050000 are a site specific permit aka Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES).   PA-jer Company consulting services can assist with preparation of the five (5) year General Permit Notice of Intent (NOI) or filing a “NO EXPOSURE” application where applicable.  PA-jer Company’s consulting expertise can develop the required site Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3)and implement the required facility training of client personnel to  follow and document the requirements of the SWP3 as mandated by the TPDES General Permit.

Some industrial process activities require a site specific waste water discharge permit, usually issued by a municipality jurisdiction (city).   However, some cities may or may not have a permitting process which does not exclude an industrial generator to not meet USEPA and/or TCEQ regulations.  PA-jer Company consulting expertise assist generators in determining whether their specific industry has been regulated to perform waste water sampling to insure compliance with industrial waste water discharge activities.